How we work

An initial meeting allows us to begin to understand each other and for us to gain an insight into a client’s business, ideas, ambitions and direction through an open but totally confidential exchange. Following one or possibly two further meetings and subject to client approval we prepare and submit a fully costed proposal of work, with time lines and key deliverables  made clear. (See:  S@R Services) .

Formal acceptance of our proposal of work – its scope, scale, fees and costs, and timing initiates the program that will almost certainly require input and co- operation of key executives and managers at regular intervals during its life-cycle. All information, data and analysis will be handled according to relevant security standards.

Depending upon the nature of the program, we usually take a phased approach enabling joint assessment at the end of each stage of work.

On completion of an assignment we will deliver a comprehensive presentation and understandable report making clear our key recommendations and next steps to be pursued. We will not leave you at risk.

If you are interested in S@R services, please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss how we can provide a solution satisfying your demands.

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About the Author

S@R develops models for support of decision making under uncertainty. Taking advantage of recognized financial and economic theory, we customize simulation models to fit specific industries, situations and needs.

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