S@R Application areas – services


  • Forecasting – time series analyses, multivariate analysis, statistical modeling and Monte Carlo methods
  • Budgeting – interactive budgeting and testing with Monte Carlo simulations
  • Demand modeling
  • ERM/SRM management workshops – risk identification, aligning performance with risk. Understanding the intersection of risk, strategy and finance


  • Valuation under uncertainty
  • Investments and portfolio analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Divestment’s and asset sales
  • Plant location and sizing
  • Capital requirements
  • Working capital optimization

Financial performance

  • Supply chain management – sales channel testing and analyses
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Production planning and performance
  • Market positioning – upside/downside potential and risk

Financial modeling

  • Balance simulation – holistic risk and opportunity models
  • Cash-flow volatility analysis and improvements
  • Financial risk and performance
  • Risk tolerance and appetite analysis
  • Operational risk
  • Balance risk
  • Currency, Tax and translation risk
  • Pricing of capital – stochastic WACC simulation

Strategic Risk and value management

  • Full group/subsidiary balance models
  • Full strategic decision support – scenario and regime testing and valuation
  • SRM analytics – take ERM full circle;  analyze, act, and improve existing processes
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