Strategy @ Risk Ltd. develops models for for supporting decision making under uncertainty. Taking advantage of recognized financial and economic theory we customize simulation models to fit specific industries and needs.

You understand your business best

"But how can you be better than us understand our business risk?"

This is a question we often hear and the simple answer is that we don’t! But by using our methods and models we can use your knowledge in such a way that uncertainty and risk can be systematically measured.

The reason for this lies in the ability to handle uncertainties stemming from variables from different activities and departments simultaneously.

The basic idea

Is to provide the company’s decision makers with timely and relevant information about the uncertainty the company faces, and to enable it to make unbiased evidence- informed decisions in today’s uncertain and competitive business climate.

Understand risk, create value

Strateg@Risk's state of the art simulation model is designed to utilize information from the company's existing control and reporting systems.

The ability to embrace and include finance, strategy and the company's executives experience and gut feeling - totals a unique approach to answer the need for increased awareness of the potential speed, magnitude and unpredictability of risk in all its forms - financial, strategic and operational.

We add not only depth, insight, transparency and analytical power to a range of critical business issues and processes but, also a third dimension – uncertainty – to strategic decision making.

Let us help you prepare for the future by adding a new and increasingly important dimension to your existing expertise and systems.

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